Software Help

Are you getting the best out of your software?
Is it really working hard for you?
Does it make you money or cost you money?

Software is just a toolkit. Anyone can be taught to use a hammer or a screwdriver but using them creatively and constructively is a different matter. Implementing and getting the best out of an estate agency software product takes time, skill and commitment.

The best software has a myriad of features and diverse functionality – often with different ways to achieve the same result. The best software suppliers will train users in how to use their hammers and screwdrivers (hopefully without charge) but they won’t necessarily explain how each tool can be exploited to maximise rate of return on the software investment.
In a career comprising nearly 10 years in diverse residential estate agency then 30 years running, developing and ultimately selling estate agency software businesses (GMW Systems 1988-2003) and Expert Agent (2004-2017) I’ve successfully advised on and implemented software solutions for thousands of UK estate agents.
There’s no secret formula to my success. I just have a fundamental understanding of estate agency workflow and can translate that into software process.

Software Functionality & Agency Workflow Review
one day – at your offices

Cost: £500+Expenses+VAT

In an intense 10am to 5pm day, I work with your senior staff (ideally a senior administrator and a senior manager or the boss), investigating, challenging and analysing all steps of your sales or lettings* workflow and looking to ensure that they are efficiently and effectively carried out in your software. We go from valuation to completion with all steps in between, looking at tasks, outputs (letters, emails, social media & portal posts etc), brochures, letters, automation, sales progressing and lots more.

*If you want me to analyse 2 departments (normally sales and lettings), I’ll need 2 days onsite. I don’t do Lettings Finance – but can recommend a freelance specialist accountant.
Full end to end Workflow Review
Review and Remedial work on letters and emails
Matching, Ring-Around and Applicant Contact Interaction Review
Analysis of Client Interaction (website and portal enquiries, electronic document signing, vendor and applicant logins, viewing requests
Brochure Review and Recommendation
Website Functionality and Interaction Review
Advice on latest PropTech developments
Functionality and Data Review (I need access to your data before or after the meeting for this)